Welcome to the USVAF, United States Virtual Air Force. A flight simulation organization using Microsoft Flight Simulator, FS9, and FSX. Since our inception February of 2005, we have been pleased to offer an enjoyable, entertaining and friendly atmosphere of Flight Simulation to folks from around the globe.

A community of adult Simulation enthusiast primarily formed around a Military environment. While we offer a structured command in this format we also encourage General and Vintage aviation flights. Our membership spans a vast range of experience and knowledge from all walks of life, and we believe ads to the enjoyment and realism of our VA. We keep our feet on the ground and our head in the clouds, maintain a good sense of humor, a respect and consideration for our fellow Flight enthusiast, and have some fun.

Whether a seasoned Flight-simmer with hours of experience, or new and just getting started; if a friendly, structured flight simulation community appeals to you, please consider joining and become a part of great experience.

Sincere Regards,
Admiral(v) Charles G (Chuck) Mason Owner/Administrator
General(v) Mark Fernandes Founder


10 FEB 2016
Anyone under the age of eightteen (18) will not be approved for a membership with the USVAF. Persons joining the USVAF will need to download and install Microsoft FSX and/or Flightsim 2004 (FS9)(FS9 is being phased out, and the Team Speak 3 Communication Program...The "Client" version. It is FREE. Also the FSHost Client for Multiplayer Connection. Info and links in "Guest & New Member Info" on our Forum. A headset is required.

17 JAN 2015
ATTENTION <<>> ATTENTION FSX FS-STEAM USERS ..... DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS FS-STEAM WILL NOT ALLOW CERTAIN SERVER CONNECTION OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN THE USVAF. While we are willing to help you as much as possible, it is your responsibility to review our Forum threads regarding this information. READ - READ - READ Then ask questions... Again Thank You for taking an interest.

24 NOV 2013
******MAJCOM'S AND AIR WINGS OF THE USVAF****** If this is your first visit to the United States Virtual Air Force Web Site, We welcome you. As you may notice, and have read, we incorporate 6 Major Commands. US Naval Air / US Marine Air Wing; Air Force Air Mobility; Air Force Air Combat; US Coast Guard; Army Aviation; Vintage Air; Within these Commands are several Air Wings, and Squadrons. We offer flexibility to our members, allotting everyone a choice of the Armed Service they prefer. As you will discover, should you chose to become a part of our organization, the key word is flexibility. Your obligation to the Major Command of choice is solely yours.

16 JAN 2013
******** YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITH THE USVAF ******** As a member of this VA you have options, you may choose to take a “Career Track”, accumulate flight hours and rank advancement, receive training, awards, ribbons, certificates etc. Or, you may chose to be a “Causal Aviator”, and interested in getting to know some great folks, fly, visit while on our Team Speak, and still acquire flight hours with minimum effort. It will always be “Your Choice”. All members need to understand that at NO time are you “REQUIRED” to do anything you don’t want to do… You sign on to the USVAF because you wanted to, you take training because you want to, you advance in rank and hours because you want to. You will never be required to do these things, however should you want to, then you will freely agree to go along with the policies and guidelines set forth by your MajCom Commander and the USVAF.

02 OCT 2010
........Recruitment Application.......... If you are considering joining the USVAF, please COMPLETE the recruitment application.. First and last name, City, State, Country...and the rest. Tell us something about yourself..Please keep in mind that "English" is the Language we use. We will try our best to learn and understand the Language of your homeland, and hope you will do the same. Entering a "NO" in all the fields of your application may NOT get it approved! Thank you for taking a look at the USVAF. C.Mason Owner/Admin


  • April-2018
    • Rotary Wing Hours: 3:01
    • Fixed Wing Hours: 141:52
    • Total Flight Hours: 205:37


  • Last Flight: 24 APR 2018
  • Total Pilots: 44
  • Passengers Transported: 101,599
  • Cargo Transported: 134,801 Tons
  • Fuel Used: 92,933 Tons
  • YTD Flight Hours: 1046:30
  • Grand Total Flight Hours: 20830:16